At Turning Point, we realize that we must grow smaller as we grow larger. We do this through small groups because it’s biblical and because we believe that this atmosphere is the best environment for people to grow.

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Four Kinds of Small Groups:

SPRING – February-April (12 weeks)   SUMMER – June-July (6 weeks)   FALL – End of August-Early December (14 weeks)

Sermon Based Groups

Anyone can join these groups at any time and involve deeper discussion of current sermon series or other bible study.

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LIFE Curriculum

LIFE groups focus on overcoming past and present obstacles that would hinder greater intimacy with God. This group requires a 12-14 week commitment and ends with a powerful weekend retreat.

Free Market Groups

Anyone can join these groups at any time and they revolve around an activity or interest that people may have (golf, basketball, music, painting, eating, etc).

Dream Team Groups

Dream Team groups can be joined at any time after completing the Next Steps classes. These groups are specific ministry groups that serve in our weekend services and behind the scenes during the week.

Ready to Lead or Host a group?

If you have an idea for a group that you would love to lead or have the ability to host a group; we would love to hear from you. Please click on the link below and fill out the form.

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